Jerahmy Pocott wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm wanting to use rsync from FreeBSD to some lacie ethernet disks,
> they have a number of access options including ftp and windows
> file sharing..
> Would mounting the shares with samba then using rsync on the mounted
> samba share as though it was syncing between two local disks work properly?

I've had problems with it:
1) There may be a loss of precision between the local unix-like file
system and the remote file system
2) Attributes are only simulated on smbfs: a chmod call will silently
fail as it doesn't have an equivalent on Windows file systems.

In any case, rsync would repeatedly find the remote files have changed
when they have not.

> The other option would be to build the OS on the lacie with rsync and ssh,
> as it is linux based OS under GPL but I would probably rather not have to
> mess with it..

If you can do it, it would probably be the safest (as in: data
integrity) way.

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