On 2007-11-21 Gary Kline wrote:

>       guys, one last thing before i call it a days; i just tried 
>       kmidi and tried to configure the audio.
>       got the sound of a breaking glass and the warning that
> something was already using "dev/sequencer". i tried a
>       ps -alx, but couldn't tell very much..  can anybody shed a
> light?

I guess you, like me, have one of those motherboards with an on-board
sound card.  Most of these sound cards don't have a MIDI sequencer
chip.  So it's very hard, if not impossible, to play MIDI files using
those softwares that require a hardware sequencer to be available -at
least I couldn't make it work.

I have a bunch of old MIDI files which I play frequently; and to play
them I use 'timidity' (ports/audio).  That has a software sequencer
built in -no hardware required- and the output quality is good; not as
great as a hardware playback but it's good.

Bahman Movaqar
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