On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 01:17:36PM -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
> > My usual invocation for cdrecord for data disks is:
> >   cdrecord -v -eject -dao speed=8 driveropts=burnfree dev=1,1,0 -pad \
> >   -data file.iso
> > 
> > You'll have to adjust the dev part by looking at the output of 
> > 'cdrecord -scanbus'. Cdrecord requires atapicam or a SCSI burner, btw.
>       (And to think that for years I was SCSI-*only*.  Darn!)
>       What is "aptapicam" exactly?   If I add it to my kernel GENERIC
>       will other things blow up, [:-)]?  

It is a driver that allows ATAPI devices like CD-RW and DVD drives to be
accessed through the SCSI subsystem.

My kernel is configured as follows;
device          atapicam        # Emulate ATAPI devices as SCSI via CAM
# No atapicd driver!

# SCSI peripherals
device          scbus           # SCSI bus (required for SCSI)
device          cd              # Compact Disc
device          da              # Direct Access (disks) [for umass devices]
device          pass            # Passthrough device (direct SCSI access)

This will give you cdX devices, instead of acdX.

Next you'll have to configure devfs to grant access to the relevant
devices; /etc/devfs.conf:

# Give members of group cdrom access to the CD/DVD-ROM and DVD+RW via the
# SCSI interface
own     xpt0    root:cdrom
perm    xpt0    0660
own     cd0     root:cdrom
perm    cd0     0660
own     cd1     root:cdrom
perm    cd1     0660
# cdparanoia uses the cdrom link.
link    cd0     cdrom 
link    cd0     dvd

add path 'da*' mode 0660 group usb
add path 'pass*' mode 0660 group cdrom

# Set the default devfs ruleset.

My freebsd webpage covers this in some more detail: 

>       The handbook has examples of how-to copy audio CD's doing the
>       reads with dd.  I posted something yesteerday to see if that
>       part could be done with a script.    

Don't use dd for copying audio discs, because it doesn't do any error
correction whatsoever. Use cdparanoia instead; 'cdparanoia -B "1-"' to
rip the whole disk.

Then burn the resulting wav files with cdrecord.

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