> A few general questions.
> How does a committer choose which port PRs to tackle?
> How does a committer choose which patches to apply?

That probably varies from committer to committer.

> How can I encourage a committer to apply my patch or even LOOK at my PR?

Send a note to where committers hang out, giving them the PR number
and a request.

> How does one get a PR removed once the bug is either gone or clearly not
> going to be fixed?

Same as the above.

> And are cosmetic patches to -RELEASEs and -STABLE pretty much wasted at
> this point? Like documentation to LINT and man page corrections and
> things?

That depends on how far out of sync the sources the patch is against
are with -CURRENT.

> I've also got a number of cosmetic patches saved up, but I'm not sure
> whether to send them as patches to -RELEASE 4 or 5 or -STABLE or -CURRENT
> or all of the above. Sugestions please?

Submitting patches against -CURRENT is the best solution.

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