Am Donnerstag, 22. November 2007 15:58:18 schrieb Olivier Drouin:
> * Hardware Information *
> ************************
> Unknown Vendor: ID = 7F7F
> What should I try next ?

Afair healthd never really supported anything else than very old Winbond 
You can try the  GSoC2007: cnst-sensors.2007-08-20 patch which imports the 
OpenBSD sensors framework and has great support for the most commonly two 
modern chipsets used (it(4), lm(4)).
It's a quiet big modification though. See [EMAIL PROTECTED] archives for the 
announcement from Constantine A. Murenin on 2007/08/14.
If you have an ASUS chances are good that mbmon helps. I had more luck with it 
instead of healthd.

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