Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
I have used gnome for several years now after finding kde lacking in
features but just tried kde and have to say I like the programs it
comes with (but I find gnome easier to use).... I also know there are
other desktops out there (as being defined as a something more then a
high end window manager)... which is best?  My work load is that of a
typical business owner and CS grad student/Java developer plus acting
as my TV (don't have one and don't have any kind of reception [too far
in the country {and do not which to have cable}]) via dl'ed shows

I like to make my own "desktop".

Predrag's Recipe for Desktop Happiness:

Take OpenBox3, Xfce4-panel, Rox-filer & feh +applications you like like.
Edit .xsession as follows

feh --bg-scale /path to wall paper image & xfce4-panel & exec openbox

After you have all the applications you like fill in the Openbox menu using the application

menumaker as follows mmaker openbox.

edit your /etc/ttys as
ttyv8   "/usr/X11R6/bin/xdm -nodaemon"  xterm   on  secure

Restart your computer

You will be greeted by X desktop manager. When you log into your .xsession you will have xfce-panel, openbox as WM,
Rox as you file manager and beautiful wallpaper set by feh.

Applications would be cheery picked by you so there is no worry that you will have any that you do not like it.

You can further customized XDM front page and xterm. I prefer xterm to any other terminal as it is lightest. I do agree that is somewhat
tricky to customize for a noob.

Above desktop is about as light and responsive as it gets. If you want even lighter forget about xfce4-panel.
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