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> I have used gnome for several years now after finding kde lacking in
> features but just tried kde and have to say I like the programs it
> comes with (but I find gnome easier to use).... I also know there are
> other desktops out there (as being defined as a something more then a
> high end window manager)... which is best?  

Hi Aryeh,
i think you will get so many answers about this question... :D

I for one used to run fwvm2 under linux back in 95, then KDE... but since then 
I got a bit tired of the endless new tools for kde or gnome or this or that.. 
(eg, KDE front end for mplayer...what's wrong with mplayer, or gmplayer? ) 

I've been using XFCE4 for a while. it's GTK-2 based, so most gnome apps work 
out the box without installing the whole shebbang. And then, i just install the 
apps that are useful to me, not what the KDE team decided to bundle in. (yes, 
there are segregated by packages...but i just feel like back in Windows...all 
that stuff you know you won't ever use...

(for that matter, i barely install XFCE own tools... rxvt is far more stable 
than Terminal, beep / xmms / gmplayer / xine work better than xfce's media 

What I did for a while is have all the desktops installed and use them under 
different users, to see how they compared. KDE / Gnome felt quite sluggish 
compared to XFCE. this may not be a problem for you, though.

good luck,
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