I can live with gnome-cd to play my CD's ...  or use sound-juicer
        to play and extract if I want to use up that much space.  But
        nothing that we FBSDer's have will copy an audio CD using the ATAPI

From the Handbook: http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/creating-cds.html
18.6.5 Duplicating Audio CDs
The ATAPI CD driver makes each track available as /dev/acddtnn, where d is the drive number, and nn is the track number written with two decimal digits, prefixed with zero as needed. So the first track on the first disk is /dev/acd0t01, the second is /dev/acd0t02, the third is /dev/acd0t03, and so on.

I use abcde audio/abcde for ripping and this script for burning:
abcde (A Better CD Encoder) is a frontend sh script to rip tracks from
a CD, encode them in ogg vorbis or mp3 format, and tag them.

Of course, the handbook has info on ripping to .wav
sysutils/cdrtools a sampling utility that dumps CD audio data into wav sound files.
man 1 cdda2wav

It shouldn't be too difficult to merge cdda2wav with the following script


-- #!/bin/sh
# burnaudiocd.sh: script to burn audio CD's

# choose a relatively low speed like 4 for burning audio CD's
# point this to your CD burner device name

# You probably don't have to edit stuff after this line #

echo "This script burns all .raw files in the current directory to CD"
echo "Using burning device: ${BURNER}"
echo "Using speed: ${SPEED}"
echo "*** Make sure there is an empty cd-r in the drive!"
echo "Press [Return] or [ENTER] to start burning, or [CTRL+C] to cancel"
for x in *.wav; do
    burncd -f ${BURNER} -s ${SPEED} audio "$x"
    sleep 3
burncd -f ${BURNER} -s ${SPEED} -e fixate



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