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I was testing an application that suggesting my problem was the Suhosin
patch. I built php5 with it and got the application running. Now I want to
rebuild php5. How do I get it to reconfigure?

I did a make: deinstall && make clean

How can I reconfigure php to install the Suhosin patch?


# cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
# make rmconfig
# make install clean

It installs the suhosin patch by default but you'll be presented with
a curses interface to pick the options you require.

Thanks Frank. man ports. I thought I knew all the targets that I needed. A decade or so ago reading Unix System Admininstration Handbook by Evi Nemeth et all, she said once/year she revisits all the man pages. Such good advice. I forget much of the make 'magic' exists outside of the port directories.

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