Jurjen Middendorp wrote:
On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 10:43:24PM -0800, kasthurirangan balaji wrote:

I am using FreeBSD 6.1 on my laptop. I understand that
FreeBSD 7.0 will have ZFS file system. I did go
through the sun website to understand the advantages
of ZFS. Given that, will FreeBSD have a
BTree/B+Tree(replicating c++ multimaps, but file
based) by default on ZFS which i guess should be very
useful for persons like me who do not want a full
fledged database with all SQL features. I am aware of
the existence of dbm/ndbm/gdbm, but i guess all
support hash. If my thoughts are wrong, pls correct
me. I also hope that i have sent to the correct
mailing list.


i don't know about the filesystem things, but if you want a data base to program with, you can have a look at dbopen(3) :)
- jurjen

As jurjen suggested, BDB can assist you in that way, but be aware of the caveats of using BDB over SQL (primarily the non-ATOM'ic property). But in terms of the C++ API, it only exists with the GNU friendly version of BDB (4.x) which is significantly different in terms of interface than the one packaged with libc in FreeBSD (1.85).
   See btree(3) for more info there.
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