The reason I'm asking where the FreeBSD boot manager is because I need to
get rid of it, make it go away.  This is not because I'm displeased with
FreeBSD as an operating system but due to the fact that I'm limited to a
56k dial up and too broke to spend any money at this time on the very
reasonably priced CD set.  This being the situation and a friend having
loaned me a Linux distribution, I opted to scrub, for now the FreeBSD
partition and load Linux.  Upon scrubbing the non-DOS partition, the boot
manager still remains and it won't allow booting to Linux and appears to
be interfering with the Linux boot manager.  For now I'm using the 30 day
demo of BootIt, and I'd like to resolve this boot manager issue before
the 30 days are up.  I must say I'm impressed with what FreeBSD has to
offer and will try a serious full blown install some day.
Thank you for any help/suggestions on this matter,
John Hofstetter

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