Jonathan Horne wrote:
for a while now, ive been experimenting with building a package of everything i build from ports, or via portupgrade, and then using said packages to quickly update other systems on my network. never had any problems, until recently. lately, it seems like a port here or there will be missing a critical piece from the bzip file thats created in ports/packages/All.

i have seen this in the past few revisions of apache2.2(the rc script and data directory missing), and today, xorg-server did the same thing (this time, the file 'startx' was left out).

does anyone else keep the packages they build, and if so, are you also seeing issues like this?

I haven't tried, but based on what you're saying it sounds like the plist is incorrect or something.. pkg_create(1) / port Makefile related bug?
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