The rsync method sounds interesting. Could you give me a quick summary of what I'd need to do?


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Milosh Djuric wrote:

I've got a VMWare guest running FreeBSD 6.2 which I'd like to move to
a physical machine. I've tried ghosting it, but when it gets to the
"Default: F5 Disk0" screen (sorry, I don't know the appropriate name
for it), it refuses to go any further.

Can anything be done to fix this? Or is there a better way of doing
the whole procedure?

Were I in your shoes I would make sure to run (revert to?) a GENERIC
kernel in the VM then use g4u to image the entire drive(s). But this
will only work if the destination drive is larger than the source.
There are many things that can go wrong in this sort of procedure and
you should plan to be cunning and persistent or fail in your attempts.
It may be that you are using the wrong approach also, because rsync can
be a wonderful alternative for these types of scenarios as can knoppix +
dd + netcat.

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