On one of my FBSD 6-STABLE machines, I have the system cvsup the latest
sources nightly and rebuild (but not install) the system and all
relevant kernels.   Every week or so, I go to single user and
install what was last built (assuming the build worked OK).

My last such venture was on 11-20-2007 without problems.

Tonight, I tried to do this again, and immediately got hit with
the libexec '_mb_sb_limit' symbol missing problem.  I fell back
to the 11-20-2007 system image, and all is once again well.

So, here's my question.  Is this a temporary problem that will be
resolved at some point before 6.3 is released, or do I have have to
rebuild the entire system applications set to get new binaries that
don't depend on this symbol?  Also, if it is going to be fixed, how
will I know it has been before trying another update like this again?


P.S. Rebuilding the apps on this system would be a REAL pain.  Here's
hoping the fine FBSD developers can find it within themselves to
make this symbol once again appear so old binaries will run unchanged.
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