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On Tuesday,  4 February 2003 at 17:55:42 -0800, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> with last hour, cvsup current, rebuild everything,... immediately
> after kernel mount msg for /
> kernel cranks out msg
>       Be nice to each other, mmmkay?
> system otherwise fine. Is this a known prank?

It is now.  It's in /sys/kern/init_main.c:

1.112        (des      20-Apr-99):      
1.224        (des      04-Feb-03):      printf("Be nice to each other, mmmkay?\n");
1.223        (des      04-Feb-03): 
1.118        (jb       05-May-99):      for (path = init_path; *path != '\0'; path = 
next) {

But this question should be asked on -current, not -questions.

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