Hello.  I've recently faced a rather odd issue that I've never seen
before.  I bought a new server (specs below), and I loaded it up with
FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE (I know, I know, not for a production environment,
but this is a personal server).  Now, whenever I get about 30
simultaneous connections, the box just locks hard.  I tested all the
hardware components (CPU, Memory, HD, NIC, etc.) and even bought new
ones just to make sure and all end up with the same result.  I can never
keep a decent uptime (never went past 2 days so far).  As soon as I get
a mediocre http load (30 simul. connections), the box just locks hard. 
I built a debug kernel, I tried everything imaginable, and I have not
found a solution whatsoever.  Everyone seems to be stumped by this.  I
tried FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE, 4.7-STABLE, 5.0-RELEASE and 5.0-CURRENT on
this box.  All give me the same result.  I checked everywhere for
relevant logs to explain what is occuring, but had no such luck.  This
is truly the million dollar question for me right now, because I have no
idea why it would lock under such a petty load.  I'm not sure what to do
to fix this issue, I've tried many different areas for support and
haven't come up with anything as I stated earlier.  I'm not overclocking
or anything if that's what you're wondering.  If anyone could assist me
in any way shape or form to get this working, I would appreciate it very
very much.  Also, if you e-mail back, I'm not subscribed to the lists,
so could you please CC it to me.  In the past 4 hours, it has locked
hard about 3 times because of a 28-34 connection load.

Machine Specs:
Single Pentium IV 2.4 GHz processor
ASUS P4S533 motherboard
512MB DDR333 RAM (will be 1GB next week)
120GB Maxtor 7200rpm (ATA133) HDD
40GB Maxtor 7200 rpm (ATA66) HDD
Floppy Disk Drive
ATI Rage 128 (32 meg) AGP 4x graphics adapter
52x LG CD-ROM drive
3Com 3C905C-TX NIC
Currently running FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT as of Sunday Feb. 2, 13:02:05 EST

Thank you very much

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