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yea that's a great answer.  thanks for your insight.  this is not some
technical question that can be researched, this in fact tarnishes the
image of the freebsd community, so it's not such an easy "go rtfm" type
of deal.

problem is that i just came accross it myself and obviously nothing has
been done about it in the past.  so i would like to ask of people, is
there no better way to get the point accross?  do you have to have this
wording?  is it set in stone and can't be changed?  I insist strongly
that we should rework this example, and if anyone insists strongly on
not doing it, I would like to understand what motive can be possibly
behind this other than something very deeply evil.

I'll take up the challenge. Hitler was evil. Quoting Hitler is not. When we seek to suppress information, no matter how troubling, we obscure the very lessons of history we need most to learn. If, because Hitler was evil, we do not allow discussion of him, how will future generations learn of his evil? As we argue this very point, there are people in the world insisting that the holocaust never happened, that Hitler did not commit the evil deeds that history has recorded he *did* commit. If we refuse to speak of him, those who insist he wasn't evil will win the argument by default.

Surely that is not what you desire?

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