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> > Really, as others have said, it's easier to pay the money for the
> > business line.  How much extra do they want for it?
> Don't know but a dime is too much right now (I am personally living on
> $15/mo once the rent, food and connectivity is paid for [the wonders
> of a startup with no investors]).   That is one reason why colo is not
> possible... yes I understand most of the hassles involved since I was
> the head sysadmin for a full service ISP in a former life (mid to late
> 90's).

Well, I think your stuck paying money for a service, but there are
some cheap ones out there.

This guy is pretty cheap:


This one is free - if you can deal with UUCP and the LD charges
to access with it:


Is there any way you could get your webhoster to be a bit more
flexible on their e-mail forwarding?  If for example you could get
them to forward your e-mail to a script run out of your .forward
file on their webserver, you got it made.  They might do that since
it wouldn't require them to devote disk space to a mailbox on
their server.  You would write a perl script that would make a
connection to a nonstandard port on your mailserver.

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