Aryeh Friedman wrote:
I just cvsuped the latest sources and they break many programs named
and most X11-apps comes to mind immediately

Well how do I backout of the this.... keep in miond I use cvs-supfile
to populate a local repo and did a rm -rf /usr/obj /usr/src thinking
that might clear stuff up but it didn't

As far I can tell I can track the main issue to the new malloc stuff

All programs that are borken just hang immediatlely after invocation

Please, Aryeh. You've been using freebsd for 10 years and asking a flood of questions here. You should know by now to at least provide the basic info:

uname -a
error messages
cvsup file
the commands you entered to wind up in this unfortunate situation

Since you of course have proper backups, just pop in a CD and do a rescue install. Asking questions like the above will get you nowhere.

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