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1) first of all, i don't think that freebsd operating system is an appropriate forum to express political views. so whether we are for or against censorship or democracy or fascism or communism, it really does not matter. what matters is how good our coding is, and how appropriate the wording on our website. because like it or not, we have to present a decent website that does not offend our users and does not make us look bad in front of non-users.

this reasoning was one of the main excuses of Germans after the war was lost. 'I only did my job'.

This thread has been a wonderful demonstration of how people rationalize and interpret information.

The poster before you was saying that they don't care what your non-BSD related views are, keep them to yourself. They're saying the priority is to promote and evangelize BSD. The political commentary has nothing to do with the OS, so it reflects on the community when threads like this are pursued.

Somehow, you're saying the "Germans rationalized their atrocities with the excuse they were only doing their jobs."

A) I don't see how the two are related at all. You're not making any clear justification for that reply. B) What happened was more a demonstration of society and psychology than having an entire nation suddenly "go insane." Every society has elements that to an outsider with their own culture and standards seems insane, and events of the period will also influence perceptions.

It's also very clear that Germany wasn't one cohesive anti-Jewish loony bin. They were people, plain Jane citizens with their own beliefs and lives.

that's what the community thinks is appropriate. What I'm suggesting is that we remove his name from the website:

Is there a shorter way to express the same thing?

Replace everything mildly offensive with the string Anonymous or Chuck or Beastie. Whitewashing everything is the clearest way to having an enlightened community.

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