I did tried the irc.freenode.net, however, I could not find a channel
for    #FreeBSDHelp   or just   #FreeBSD.
The irc.freenode.net has #freebsd-fr, #freebsd.se, #freebsd-ru ....etc
but all are not English-languase-based or not for general help for
FreeBSD newbies.
Please advise. Thank you.

Subhro Kar wrote:
> williamkow sat at his 'pewter and typed  on 11/28/07 12:10:
> > I have been trying to find a IRC/Chat network which has #FreeBSD channel
> > (english), but could get one, although I have read the below links, but
> > no help.
> how about irc.freenode.net?
> Subhro

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