On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 08:50:58PM -0500, John H Hofstetter wrote:
> The reason I'm asking where the FreeBSD boot manager is because I need to
> get rid of it, make it go away.  This is not because I'm displeased with
> FreeBSD as an operating system but due to the fact that I'm limited to a
> 56k dial up and too broke to spend any money at this time on the very
> reasonably priced CD set.  This being the situation and a friend having
> loaned me a Linux distribution, I opted to scrub, for now the FreeBSD
> partition and load Linux.  Upon scrubbing the non-DOS partition, the boot
> manager still remains and it won't allow booting to Linux and appears to
> be interfering with the Linux boot manager.  For now I'm using the 30 day
> demo of BootIt, and I'd like to resolve this boot manager issue before
> the 30 days are up.  I must say I'm impressed with what FreeBSD has to
> offer and will try a serious full blown install some day.

The FreeBSD boot manager resides entirely within the 512b boot block
in sector 0 of the disk.  You should be able to eliminate it be
rewriting the 'Master Boot Record'.  Under FreeBSD that's done by:

    # fdisk -B -b /boot/mbr ad0

where '/boot/mbr' contains a default MBR image.  Similarly from an MS
Win Dos command line you can run:

    > fdisk /mbr c:

Under Linux, one way to do the equivalent is apparently:

    # lilo -i /boot/boot.b

but you'll have to specify the drive to operate on via /etc/lilo.conf.
At least, that's the sum of my vague recollection of doing this sort
of thing a long time ago and my reading of the Linux man pages.



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