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> Thanks for the info.  I had not seen that doc.  However localedef and
> makelocale are not valid commands.  I also checked out the port tree
> and these tools are not located there either.  Are these Linux
> specific commands?

The command is mklocale(1).

id_ID locale(s) are not included in FreeBSD. If you have correct LC_*
files, you should talk to FreeBSD team member responsible for l10n,
(which is, according to


Andrey) about official inclusion. I also suggest you to use
[EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list for that purpose.

Beside this, please don't forget that, if you just need Indonesian
translations of userland applications, you can just install appropriate
ports, for example:

  misc/kde3-i18n-id    Indonesian messages and documentation for KDE3
  textproc/id-aspell   Aspell Indonesian dictionary

Finally, you might find this page useful:


Best regards.
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