Hi All,

My network configuration is a bit odd:

Internet ------- SMC Hardware Router -------- ( ----------- FreeBSD Gateway ----------- ( ----------- Client computer

- skype is running on the client computer.
- The FreeBSD Gateway is a computer with two NIC cards, running natd, and named - The client computer is 6.3-PRERELEASE i386 using linux compatibility mode for skype

I can access everything on the internet from the client. Here are some things that I tried:

- ping
- nslookup
- smtp
- imaps
- www

All the above work fine. However, when I try to login with skype, it tells me "Logging in failed". When I try to register a new user, it tells me "Register failed" with friendly red letters.

Do you have any idea what is the problem with my configuration? It might be that skype cannot do NAT traversal through two NATs?

BTW, the client computer uses NFS to mount /, but I hope this is not related to the problem.



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