the mDNSResponder port is up to date (moreso than even the apple download site) 
so i installed that with the port.

it requires swig13 port as well.. which installed from the port just fine.

after you get all that installed and working w/o errors, there is a bonjour 
python script set that will at least test the functionality and get it 
registered for services.  I am still in the 'finding out' stages for this.  I 
will post my findings that might help someone else on their journey..

> To:
> Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 17:49:05 +0000
> Subject: apple bonjour served up on FBSD
> I am going to be making my BSD server at home available to my wife's macbook 
> running Leopard.
> I am planning on implementing one of the mDNSResponder systems, but I am 
> having some issues deciding which one to use.
> I have found the mDNSResponder from apple itself.
> I have also found (in no particular order) 
> avahi-server
> p5-Net-Rendezvous
> My end goal is a server that will be able to share out iTunes and a printer 
> to a Bonjour network.
> Does anyone have a suggestion on a recent setup?

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