Hi there,

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 11:43:39PM +0100, Boris K?ster wrote:
> I have setup a little mirror of about 15 gig about linux/freebsd
> software and my problem is that I only want to get the files dated
> after january 2003 with rsync after getting the whole bunch of
> software.
> Is this possible?

I believe that the find(1) command can do what you want by using the
'mtime' flag.  You can also use the 'delete' flag once you're sure it's
getting the right files directories, etc.

Something like:

'/usr/bin/find /your/mirror/dir -mtime +15 -delete'

Would delete all files that are older than fifteen days iirc (this is
all from memory)....

Just 'man find' and that should give you what you want.

Good luck,

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