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I have several "sub" accounts (for specialized purposes not really a
part of an other account) which I do my work basically I have:

aryeh -- my personal account
web -- maintain my web site
dev -- development/testing of software
dep -- seperation of development and production code

I almost always login into aryeh (xfce via xdm).   Both web and dev
require the use of variuous X applications but I don't want to logout
and login back in and/or have to invoke the app from the cmd line
(i.e. xhost +; setenv DISPLAY :0; app cmd line)... I am looking for a
way to make it so I can launch apps from a desktop panel and/or icon
on the desktop and make it ask what user to run it under (or somehow
or another make it aware that not everything is to be ruin as
"aryeh")... ideas?

Make the commandline for executing the app (in the properties of the icon) "su - web /usr/local/bin/app"? I would think, when you launch it, you'd be prompted for the password and then the app would run. At least I've used that technique with sudo to run gui apps as root.

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