# [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2003-02-04 14:20:55 -0600:
> I am looking for an alternative MTA to replace sendmail on my freebsd 
> 4.7-rel box. My question is i have searched google quite extensively and 
> found :
> Qmail
> Courier
> Postfix
> I would like some opinions as to which of the 3 above is better in 
> regards to security, authentication features, reliability, performance 
> etc... and i guess which would be recommended for  providing ./Maildir/ 
> accounts to about 200-300 people VIA Courier IMAP.

    I run four Postfixes (one of them with Courier-IMAP), and one Qmail
    with vpopmail.

    Postfix is IMO easier to install and administer, but doesn't have a
    point'n'click interface.

    It also looks like Postfix is a much faster moving target than
    Qmail, e. g. the virtual address/mailbox support has been evolving
    quite a lot, and the configuration changed in Postfix-2.

    I wouldn't recommend Courier; I don't know the SMTP part of the
    pack, but the IMAP server is pretty admin-hostile in that it doesn't
    log almost anything at all, so when you run into trouble, you're
    left to guessing, and hacking the source.

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