Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
Per olof Ljungmark wrote:

What am I doing wrong?

7-Beta3 vanilla install from CD, I let sysinstall do "automatic" partitions and slices, then stops at "F1 FreeBSD" prompt and beeps. Obviously it cannot find anything to boot from.

System is a SA6i RAID5-array with 6x300GB disks. Possibly I need to enter drive geometry manually but have no idea where to get that info from, perhaps somebody knows where to look?

i386 does not boot either - same
A RAID1+0 array with 4x36GB disks boots fine both amd64 and i386.

Right. If I create two slices, one 50G and one 1.3T and use the first for /, /var etc. then the system will boot.

I would assume from the above that I could perhaps use some other utility to create a big single slice.
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