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Hi!  I have had this problem before, so let me narrate the
history (quickly).

I used to use the rtorrent port.  However, when running
rtorrent (never any other time) the system would spontaneously
reboot.  I couldn't figure out what exactly the problem was,
but when I switched to deluge (another bittorrent port) the
problem seemed to go away.

I have since reformatted my computer.  I began using deluge
again a couple weeks ago, but am again experiencing
spontaneous reboots, now when using deluge (I don't have
rtorrent installed).  I don't get any message in
/var/logs/messages (is there a way to make the computer log
more?  Are there other logs I should check?).  In general the
file system needs to be cleaned after the reboot.

Could this be a driver problem, by any chance?  I use Deluge
version, freeBSD version 6.3 Prerelease.

If any more information would help, I'd be happy to provide
it.  Thanks if you can offer any help at all!  I'm still
fairly new to *BSD.

It could be anything that relates to bad hardware. But since you believe it is related to the network, and bittorrent use, I would first suspect the NIC. If possible I would swap NIC's and see it the problem still is there. In swapping NIC's I would avail using any with realtek chips and opt for a better supported NIC chip like one of the intel NICs.

Otherwise you can run any diagnostic software you have for your hardware, and if you post back include the full dmesg output.


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