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1. What is more important to your personal use of FreeBSD (the ports
system, the underlaying OS, some other aspect)?

The "form follows function" of the whole FreeBSD kernel/userland and ports. Licensing ;)

2. How frequently do you interact with the ports systems and what is
the most common interaction you have with it?

At least once weekly, depending on system. After setup it's mostly keeping
system up to date and interdependencies between ports in order.

3. What is the single best aspect of the current system?

Very good tracking of dependencies, portupgrade etc, ability to make different
ports mesh together.

4. What is the single worst aspect of the current system?

Installing some stuff like X adds lots of noise into the "main level"
of installed ports. Some sort of level system, showing only main port, at least in
some cases might make it more manageable.

5. If you where a new FreeBSD user how would your answers above
change?   If you where brand new to UNIX how whould they change?

I started using ports from the beginning and IMHO it's vastly superior compared
to almost anything out there - The learning curve isn't that steep...

6. Assuming that there was no additional work on your behalf would you
use a new system if it corrected your answer to number 4?

If the new system was based on already tested and true concept - effectively the old system with minor tweaks. If it was some graphical horrendosity ported
over from the dark side, I'd pass it...

7. If the new system corrected the worst aspect of the current system
but broke the best aspect of it would you use the new system?


8. How long have you used FreeBSD and/or UNIX in general?

Regularly 10 years. Mainly IRIX/FreeBSD/NetBSD with some very short tests
of Linux etc. even before that.

9. That is your primary use(s) for your FreeBSD machine(s) (name upto 3)?

Servers, firewalls

10. Assuming there is no functional difference what is your preferred
installation method for 3rd party software?


11. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the best) please rate the
importance of the following aspects of the ports system?

a. User Interface 8 (and this doesn't mean a pretty GUI but how the
interaction of the user happens with the system - ports as of now
are 7ish, 8ish level)

b. Consistency of behaviors and interactions 10
c. Accuracy in dependant port installations 10
d. Internal record keeping 10
e. Granularity's of the port management system 6

12. Please rate your personal technical skill level?

When in trouble can usually RTFM and solve it, not a c/kernel hacker

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