Chuck Robey wrote:
I have my mail system running on my FreeBSD server. It uses postfix outgoing, and dovecot to manage the Imap server, and finally Seamonkey either locally or from one of my other machines, to read/write my mail, it makes for a very portable mail system, but I am now convinced I have one major bug. It's that I'm getting too darn many duplicate mails.

I didn't complain when that happened on all the FreeBSD posts, because we have so daarn many people crossposting, it'd be foolish to try to fix that. BUT I just got dupes on some mail from Usenix, and I know Usenix isn't double posting me.

Any idea of any common sort of mail mistake I might have made? Mail isn't my real forte, so I might well have bungled something. Any sort of hint, right or wrong, would help, and especially the wrong ones: I'll run them down anyhow, and during that running down, I often find the real error, so don't think I'll jump upon you for stupid suggestions. The only sort of thing I won't try is suggestions to change the basic method I use: I know Imap *can* be made to work, so I won't switch to using something like popmail, I don't want to pop my mail. Other than that, any suggestion will be checked, believe me.

Just to narrow down the problem, take a look at the full headers of the duplicate mails and see if the mails are exact copies (i.e. the duplication occurs internally) or are in fact recieved py Postfix twice. Check the mail logs to see what Postfix, Dovecot and whatever else you have in the mix (SpamAssassin? Procmail? Postgrey?) are doing. Also make sure you're not just recieving the extra emails from some address you've set to forward to your normal address.

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