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> I have two hard drives in my machine, the first one has several partions
> with Window 2000 as the main OS.  The second one has several partions
> with FreeBSD on it.  
> I have installed the BSD boot loader onto the MBR of the second HD.  It
> shows two options: F1 for FreeBSD and F5 for drive 5.  Both options boot
> onto the same FreeBSD.  Which means that I have to change the order of
> the boot drives in the BIOS each time I switch OS which is lame. 
> What have I done wrong with the Boot loader?  How can I tell it to look
> at BOTH hard drives so that I can have one boot loader for both disks?

>From the sound of things, what you've done wrong is get the two drives
backwards. The first drive is the FreeBSD drive, and the second drive
is the Windows drive. Windows won't boot off the second drive in the
system, not without more magic from the boot loader than booteasy can
perform. That means that F1 must be Windows.

You need to install the boot loader on the Windows drive, and swap the
drives. The swap may be something you can do in the BIOS.
Alternatively, you can install a more capable boot loader, like
grub. It can swap the drives so Windows can boot off a second drive.

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