Hello All:

I'm interested in using PF to front a web farm where there will be lots of 
static IP addresses for SSL affinity.  As such, I expect to have many more than 
255 CARP interfaces.  But, as I understand it, I'm limited to 255 vhid's and I 
have to have a discreet vhid per CARP interface.

Is there a way to configure my CARP interfaces such that I can get around this 
limitation?  Right now, I configure everything as:

ifconfig_carp5="inet netmask vhid 5 advskew 0 pass 
ifconfig_carp6="inet netmask vhid 6 advskew 0 pass 

and so on.

I'm wondering if there is a way to alias IP addresses in the same subnet 
"ifconfig_carp5_alias" or something similar.  It seems like there is a reuse 
mechanism in OpenBSD because you can associate a carpdev to the entry, but I 
don't see that in FreeBSD.


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