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sensorship starts in the mind of the people.
"censorship "

Well, maybe not if you are referring to the aesthetic appreciation
of the item in question...

Then again if you are part of one of those religious groups that like to perfume the place before praying, it would be censership.



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Ok, OK!!!
The troll is coming out from under the bridge...

First of all, the worst of humanoid units sometimes comes up with valuable quotes; that warrant repeating. By contrast, what most perceive as the "best" of humanoid units seldom utter profound and/or timeless sayings.

"The only thing men learn from history, is that men never learn from history."
A quote from , someone.

If some thin-skinned, limp-wristed, left-handed, intellectual wanna-be's whine about the name "Hitler" on ANY website, then let them whine!

Personally, I hardly ever use quotes from Hitler when illustrating points - but that doesn't mean that any of his material wasn't relevant, or isn't relevant today. Usually, I steer toward Nietzsche when looking for applicable quotes for modern times. But then, (and I speak from sad experience with this) the Holy Bible offends nearly everyone these days. Try quoting from the prophet Jeremiah, and see how many people tell you to shut up.

Hitler, Jeremiah, Hosea, Amos, doesn't matter who you quote, or even mention; someone is going to be offended.

I say, "Three Cheers" for the FreeBSD team!  No Guts, No Glory.

All whiners should get some personal counseling, or, like the song says..."GET OVER IT"

Dr. Z. Wade Hampton
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