On 6 Dec 2007, at 15:47, Doug Poland wrote:

Michael Doyle wrote:
Has anyone got FreeBSD 6.2 to load as a guest OS in VMWare Fusion on a new MacBook Pro ?
I have been running 6.2 on an iMac since early betas of VMWare Fusion

If so, could they give me pointers on what I need to do, since I have tried this and failed.
Could you give some specific error messages?

I start a new Virtual Machine, select FreeBSD as the OS, FreeBSD 6 as the
specific version (from the VM Ware Fusion menus)

Then insert a FreeBSD 6.2 install disk in the drive and run through the setup process. Select use entire disk, no boot manager, .... install the "Developer" package,
no additional packages... the install runs to completion.

However, when, after installing the OS, I let the virtual machine reboot, it hangs
after the POST without displaying the FreeBSD hardware probe messages.
No errors, nothing. It doesn't even get as far as the menu where you select normal,
or acpi disabled, etc.

I downloaded an image created by someone else of a VMWare Workstation image, and that runs on my Mac under VMWare Fusion, but I am unable to compile and install VMWare Tools ("make all" succeeded, but "make install" failed with a file not found error...)

If you like I can copy/paste those errors in a seperate email. I don't understand why I cannot create
my own bootable VMWare image though ?


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