Robert Huff wrote:
        I've got it installed, see the post-install configuration
message, and have questions about how it will interact with existing

                                Robert Huff
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For generic informatin

Make sure you start HPLIP daemons before the CUPS daemon. Make sure you understand the part of the article about the kernel! ulpt driver must be out of kernel!!! Make sure you add printers using http://localhost:631 before you go to HP management program.

Finally, parallel printers are not supported by HPLIP no matter what they say. They are only supported if you could attach them directly to the local network on the very specific way. Also there is whole class of HP printers that not supported as they use very unusual protocol
to communicate with the printer server

Qoute from HPLIP website.

Question: Are drivers available for the Deskjet 710C, 712C, 720C, 722C, 820Cse, 820Cxi, 1000Cse, 1000Cxi; or LaserJet 1000, 1005, 1020, 3100; or Color LaserJet 1500, 2600 printers?

Answer: These are non-standard host based printers. Currently there are no plans to support these printers in HPLIP. Ghostscript print filters for the Deskjet products can be found at the pnm2ppa project.

These printers are supported with driver and I personally would not waist
my time with them.

If you are managing printers in your company the best decision that you could make is to have only printers that can speak postscript language and not worry about drivers to begin with.

HPLIP is the great thing if you want to get full functionality from you ALL-IN-ONE devices (including scanning) and things like toner option.

Printers however on your network will still be managed by CUPS spooling system. I believe that HPLIP cannot work with other spooling systems that you might like better than CUPS so that could be also another reason always to use printers that can speak postscript language.

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