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On Fri, December 7, 2007 22:06, Paul Schmehl wrote:
I upgraded my system from 6.0 RELEASE to 6.2 RELEASE by cvsupping the
files and then running buildkernel/buildworld as usual.  Since doing
that, auditd will not run, even though I have auditd_enable="YES" in
/etc/rc.conf. I've
been reading online posts about auditd and auditing (as well as the man
pages) but I haven't found what the problem is.

If I run audit -s, I get this:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] audit -s Error sending trigger: Function not implemented

Did you compile the audit option into the kernel?

options            AUDIT


Apparently not. I compiled the GENERIC kernel, and it does not appear to have that option. Strange. You would think, if the system is going to install the daemon, it would have that option in the GENERIC kernel. :-(

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