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Gary Kline wrote:

        IFF k3b works, and I think it might, I'll put up a howto
        on  my bsd virtual site.   Make this domain more useful.
        The help from this group has been outstanding, but getting things
        CD and DVD actually working has been a study in persseverancce.

        That said,  first,if there is a website for total dweebs, please
post it; or send it privately. I just bought some "Memorex DVD+RW" ; I want to record a 117 minute commercial DVD.
        On the back on the DVDs is says these are only good for 60 minutes
        in great qualty; it is good up to 120 minutes, and so on.
        Nutshell: how good will k3b and my Pioneer burner do on dubbing
this professioally recorded disc? Also, Does thw "RW" mean tthat I can re-tape over this with another edu DVD?


        PS:  I much prefer analogue cassettes; I've been taping stuff
             since I taped "American Bandstand" off the TV :-)

I wrote K3b how to
but you will need little bit of Serbian language to read it.

        Actually, my best friend for > 30 years comes from [ what was ]
        Yugoslavia; so he could surely help me with the translation.

        I think I have the k3b stuff actually workinng.  As of late FFriday
        night, k3b ran thru all of its tests.    That wasn't my question.
        I want to know
more about what DVD blanks are good,better,best, and whether it is worth "wasting" a blank DVD in trying to copy a DVD that I borrowed from the library.
        I've googled arouund, tryiiing to get some  kind of specs that an
        EE can understand ... even if he kknows nothing about figital
I think that duplicating DVDs works like a charm on FreeBSD but I think there is a better software in ports for that of K3b which is kind a all in one generic GUI application. This is also a useful link if you are trying to understand DVD business. There are definitely people on this mailing list or on OpenBSD mailing list (I do not remember any more as I am on both mailing lists) who have fantastic knowledge of DVD writable medias,
proprietary Video Formats and various issues that come with that including
the issues of regional coding and by that I do not mean just USA vs Europe or Asia. Even inside of U. S. where I have being g living for the past 12 years there are many different regional formats. I am clueless about it.

As a mathematician I am probably much less capable of understanding DVD technical issues than you.

To be perfectly honest as a professional mathematician I am very concern with the status of TeX port and the fact that two years after teTeX was abolished by TeX community in favor of TeXLive there are no even indication that the TeXLive will be ported to FreeBSD. Even in the most crude form (4 packages) as it is done in OpenBSD would be better than noting. Of course the Debian way (30 or so packages) would be my preferable way as TeXLive is developing really rapidly in some areas. My knowledge of porting is unfortunately inadequate to be able to help with such a major project.


        thanks for your email; it was one of the postings that helped me
        get atapicam stuff *working*



Actually probably you could follow article even if you do not speak Serbian as the language is generic and there are only three important steps you need to do.

Step 1 Editing your /boot/loader.conf file with


since FreeBSD is using atapicam device to write DVD

Step 2 Edit your /etc/devfs.conf with various permission. Most of those are needed for a work station anyway

perm      /dev/acd0   0666
perm      /dev/cd0    0666

# Commonly used by many ports
link cd0 cdrom
link  cd0  dvd
link  cd0  rdvd

link  acd0 cdrom
link  acd0 dvd
link  acd0 rdvd

# Misc other devices

perm    cdrom   0666
perm    dvd     0666
perm    rdvd    0666
perm    xpt0    0666
perm    pass0   0666

Step 3 Edit your /etc/fstab file if you want to use K3b as a normal user since the disk has to be mounted on the mount point which belong to you

[pedja@ /usr/home/Pedja]$ more /etc/fstab
#These are my options
/dev/cd0     /usr/home/Pedja/mnt/cdrom cd9660   rw, noauto      0       0
/dev/acd0    /usr/home/Pedja/mnt/cdrom cd9660   rw, noauto      0       0

You do not need HAL for things to work but is not going to heart.

Also read

make showinfo /usr/ports/sysutils/k3b


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