I sent this update hours ago.  I had  a typo and it bounced.

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        Maybe somebody can share some insights. k3b says that
        everything looks good, I can punch up the right places to
        read my DVD, but it  refuses to burn.  The first
        diagnostic says that /tmp/kde-k3d (?) didn't have enough
        room.  This after the DVD was already read, which seems
        a bit strange.. So I moved the tmp space to
        Again, it read the entire disc but again refused to write
        my blank disc. The diagnostics indicated that dd was 
        faulting.  So to be certain it wasn't a space issue I
        moved over to /storage/tmp/<> where I've got 93GB free.
        BZZZZT.  SAme thing.

        I've chowned cdrecord and cdrdao suid .  I understand
        octcal better than characters.  But I did a 
        chmod u+s on both binaries.   If not right, what is thee
        character and the octal (please) to chmod a binary suid??

        I just build k9copy and will try it.  (i Have a few other
        questions related to this stuff, but first, I'd just like
        to get k3b working.)  



        PS: the only new thing of note is that now k3b thinks my blank in
        "medium-sized" and asks me to insert a double.   I can't figure out
        if there is anyplace to do any more configs.   And my Memorex 
        DVD-RW discs hold up to 360 minutes.   Nutshell, I'm wedged.  Or
        really, lost... .

  Gary Kline  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Public Service Unix

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