I know that there have been a lot of post about changing
the console resolution in freebsd using:
vidcontrol & adding options VESA ord VGA_WIDTH90 etc and
recompiling the Kernel etc..

I've tried linux a few times but I personaly didn't like
it, except for example "the console resolutions" you could
achieve by adding for example: vga=775 to the lilo.conf
file which gave you a console of 1280x1024 with 256 colours
which was really nice on a 21" Monitor! The fonts were also
very nice in the linux console! I still have problems to
understand why this can't be done that nice and softly on

What is the problem/or barrier in freebsd why you can't get
such a nice resolution? 

I saw that in FreeBSD 5 there was an addition saying this:
"A VESA S3 linear framebuffer driver has been added" Has
this something to do with what I'm asking?

If someone could clarrify me about the problem, it would be
very nice.

Thanks a lot

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