Hello all,

I secure my outbound e-mail with SPF. One of the ports maintainers ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) also secures his INBOUND e-mail with SPF.

I tried to e-mail garga about a minor doc-bug, and got a bounce, since his mailserver didn't recognize mx2.freebsd.org as a valid MX for [EMAIL PROTECTED]


My solution to the problem was a workaround (screw being nice, open a send-pr). However, the fact that this person is protecting his inbox in the same way as I am presents a problem: he's listed as a contact for these ports, and isn't reachable via it (but ironically WOULD be if I had no spf record).

In the mean, I recognize that FreeBSD is a volunteer organization, but can there be some kind of either:

a) policy requirement that people configure allow rules for the freeBSD mx?


b) modification to the forwarder so it re-sends instead of forwarding? I'd offer to help but my postfix foo isn't what it needs to be.
As technical types, coders, porters, etc, I feel we're beyond the level of "end user" for whom this would be "too complicated".

-Dan Mahoney


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