Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
Erich Dollansky wrote:

Assuming I've understood your initial post correctly, then I do the same, redirecting some dozen ad sites to a local web server. With a

this is how I started. Then friends did the same. We exchanged the files. We added hosts files from the Internet.

dozen or so aliases I've never noticed any difference in performance, but I suspect you have rather more than that :-) I could never quite be

I also do not notice a difference. Especially news sites with all the ads are even faster as there is no waiting for the ads.

I'm pretty sure you could also do the same with a local DNS server, if

This is what I am thinking of since some time but I never did.

It would have the additional advantage of faster name resolution.

Having a DNS on every machine seems like a real overkill to me.

There's no clean solutions to getting different lookups per-user that I

The clen solution is hosts.

Unclean solutions might include something like making the hosts file

This is something I would like to avoid.

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