On 4 Feb 2003 at 19:40, Neil Darlow wrote:

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> Hi,
> I am attempting to install FreeBSD-5.0-RELEASE onto a dual IDE disk system.
> I have created a single slice on each drive (ad0s1 and ad2s1) then attempted 
> to create some disklabel partitions on each.
> For drive ad0 creating a FS partition gives ad0s1a and a SWAP partition gives 
> ad0s1b - fine so far.
> For drive ad2 creating a FS partition gives ad2s1d and a SWAP partition gives 
> ad2s1b - this seems odd.
> Why isn't the first partition on ad2 ad2s1a? Is this correct behaviour or is 
> it a bug?

I think you'll find that b is the default location for the swap partition, at least 
the first 
swap partition.

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