On Dec 12, 2007, at 2:19 PM, Jerry McAllister wrote:
I even restarted the server but the problem is still there.
this is what I got every amount of time (not always).

root mail.local 8987 3 /tmp 4 -rw------- 616886272 rw

I donĀ“t understand why mail.local is gathering a file that big

Apparently someone out there keeps trying to resend that awful
huge mail file, so whenever you restart, it gets stuck in that
same condition.  If you can track down the source of the file,
either nuke it or block it.

You should add something like this to your sendmail.mc config:

  define(`confMAX_MESSAGE_SIZE', `21000000')dnl

...which will set a maximum message size that your SMTP server is willing to accept. The recommended max size in the RFCs was something like 10 MB, but season to taste.


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