On Dec 12, 2007, at 5:12 PM, Sten Daniel Soersdal wrote:
We have a need for a relatively painless anti-spam solution that would reduce the amount of incoming spam (via postfix mail router). The problem is that i have little knowledge on what this actually means. Googling reveals a whole "universe" of interesting ways but what should i pursue?
The things that are important to me is:

* Once it is setup then it would require no additional maintenance.
* Potential spam messages are marked with a special header that can be filtered on user discretion on their local mail client software.

Install the following:


policyd + postgrey provide rather good, very lightweight initial filtering of email without taking up a lot of memory or resources, and remove a lot of workload, so that the Amavisd+ClamAV+SA combination only has to do virus-scanning and SpamAssassin's expensive Bayesian word-mangling on emails which seem to be legit.


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