Just for your information and hopes this will be useful to people, i seen
the recent talks about BBS on FreeBSD and got curious. i went and
installed mbse and its actually very neat. I only have a few years in
computers so i wasnt around in the real bbs days so this is a rather cool
learn for me. The purpose of this email is intended for the man who was
questioning about having a BBS on FreeBSD. (i forget your name and email,
My website archives freebsd-questions but the mail file deletes every
itself every 24 hours.)  I installed mbse out of the box with practically
no problems. It also appears to be rather nifty. You can telnet to
unixhideout.com and login as bbs if you want to check it out. Im just
beginning with this bbs stuff but im not an idiot so a message to the
kiddies on this list with nothing better to do. I'll catch you and whoop
you. :)

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