Dear FreeBSD:ers,

I am happy to use FreeBSD for web, mail and applications serving. But
when I come to the question about how to upgrade to a newer FreeBSD
version, I really could need your expertise!

We have two FreeBSD 4.5 boxes. Both boxes have been installed with
FreeBSD 4.5 from CD, and then tweaked with reconfigured kernels and a
few applications installed, mainly qmail (replacing sendmail),
mod-php, mysql, pico and a few more. Both boxes have around 25 users
each. Both boxes have tweaked settings in /etc/rc.conf and some other

My question is, if anyone can give a hint on how to upgrade safely
from FreeBSD 4.5 to FreeBSD 5.0...?

If we download FreeBSD 5.0 and install it on our FreeBSD 4.5 boxes,
what will we have to do? Is there risk that all settings, contents
and installed applications will be erased?

Very thankful for all help on this matter...!
Smartnet Sverige AB

Johannes Angeldorff

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