Coen Watstaatervoor wrote:
I'm running a Supermicro webserver with a fresh install op FreeBSD 6.2-P9.
With these hardware specs:

Supermicro Superserver 5014CT P4 SATA

1x Intel Pentium 631 3.0Ghz SKT775 FSB800 2MB

2x Kingston 512MB DDR2 667 PC5300

2x Seagate 80GB SATA

1x 3ware 8006-2LP SATA RAID

When I try to install some add-ons, like PostgresSQL, the NIC seems to be
"bugging". I get complete time-outs or pings around 3000ms. The network
connection is up and running as is should but the server won't reply.

Ok, I'll bite.  YMMV.

Is there a console, or are you doing everything remotely?  From remote,
it's very hard to determine exactly what the issue is, I'd think.

Now, assuming it is the NIC, what NIC is it?  Is a dmesg available?

There is no logging of any errors or problems and after the compile (or even
a rm –rf /usr/ports) is finished the server is available again.

You mean that rm'ing a large directory structure hangs things up?

Is there anyone who has seen this kind of behavior before? Are there any
tools, monitoring options, available so I can maybe get closer to the cause
of this problem?

Depending on what you already know, and what you suspect the problem is,
what about systat(1), top(1), ktrace(1), ptrace(1), iostat(8)?

Try and use the console if possible; if disk, CPU, etc. seem to be
OK, then suspect an issue with the NIC.

As I said, YMMV.  Good luck.

Kevin Kinsey

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