Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
On 2007-12-13 18:05, Chad Perrin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I ran across this today:

  Csh Programming Considered Harmful

That was written sometime last millenium, I mean, it's REALLY old. The question is sort of flamebait (you ought to go ask it on, say, the Linux IRC channel, for well-reasoned, adult discussion (NOT!) In general, it's right, you really wouldn't want to use tcsh as a scripting language. Read it, you'll come out ahead, but understand, that tcsh is a heck of a good general purpose command shell for users.

I wonder what responses I might get here, and how much of this applies
to tcsh as well (I'm still not exactly a tcsh expert).

Most of the points made in the FAQ about scripting large `applications'
with csh ring a bell for me.  Now, having said that, /bin/sh is nice for
small to medium-sized scripts, but there is a certain point where even
sh(1) becomes annoying.

Do you have any _particular_ parts of the csh-whynot article that you
would like to discuss, or this is a free for all flame? :)

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